Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bingo, A Fun Game for Debut


Who is not familiar with the game Bingo? Everyone know that it is a fun game for frienda and family members but it is seldom played in family events like birthday.

Bingo Game for Debut

We can modify this game for a debut celebration by printing and  putting meaningful numbers on the bingo card. For example, put 25 because it is the birthday of the debutante, put 7 because she has 7 pet dogs, put 16 because it is her age when she experienced her first out of country trip.- a trip to Japan and Korea.

The winning numbers can be drawn from a box. Once the number is drawn, the event host can ask the guests to guess the exact number corresponding to the number drawn and the trivia will be given as the clue.(eg. The number I got is the number of pets owned by our birthday girl)  Token or small gifts can be given to those who answered correctly.

The major prize will be given to the first person who completed all their numbers on the card. Bingo!

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