Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Surprise a Birthday Girl on her Debut

The best way to surprise a girl is to talk or hire several singers to sing ot dance on her debut.
It may be a celebrity, her crush, her classmate, her friend, her boyfriend, her brother, or father or anyone that she will appreciate.

Of course, the songs should be a little bit romantic or should be dedicated to the birthday girl.
The boys can sing solo but it is better if they can perform in group too. The nicest thing is for them to serenade and give flowers to the debutante.

I haven't heard a debut program with 18 songs or 18 boys singing a song for the birthday girl but I think that is more surprising compare to the usual 18 candles, 18 treasure, or 18 gifts

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  1. These are fantastic ideas to surprise a birthday girl! Thanks for this helpful article. Actually my sister will turn 18 next month and I just reserved one of her favorite outdoor event halls in Philadelphia. I really like the idea of 18 songs or 18 boys singing a song for the birthday girl.