Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Debut Party Checklist

Debut or 18th Birthday Party Checklist

1.Logistics/ Venue
Fit for rainy season? Sunny season? Ventilation? Right space?


3.Sound System
Microphones, Big Speakers?

4. Foods and Drinks
Catering? Snacks?  What time to serve? Extra for late guests

5.Program Flow
18 roses, 18 candles, 18 treasures identified?

6. Invitation and Teasers
Facebook Invitation? Printed invitation given?

7. Host
Do you want a formal hosting? Comedian? English or Taglish? Chinese?

Video recording? Photographer?

9. Games and prizes


11.Dress and Shoes
What color? How many? Elegant ? Matching? Fit for Dancing ?

Videoke, Photobooth

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