Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cactus, A Unique Souvenir idea for Debut

Cactus or Succulents is also a nice idea for birthday souvenir.  Its a plant and will not easily wither. 
You can avail this item on Quezon City circle but you'll find them also on other markets like Market! Market! and at the Eton Centris Sunday Market. 
Cactus for Souvenir

 Price range for the cactus usually cost 50 each. However, you can buy as low as 3 for 100 pesos. Some items are offered at a higher price because they include pots or ceramic pots. You can also select cactus on They also offer fortune plants

These cactus and succulents are  nice decorations for you guests' homes. Taking care and propagation can also be a hobby and serve as stress reliever of your recipients also. That is a great reason to make cactus as your giveaway on your 18th birthday celebration.

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