Sunday, September 14, 2014

Message for a friend for 18th birthday

Its so uncomfortable when someone ask you to deliver a speech at times that you are not prepared.
I had a bad experience before. I'm still alive after the speech but I wish I prepared more.
That time, I wasn't invited on  a debut but lets talk about 18th birthday celebration speeches now.

What message can I give to my friend on her debut?

The short answer is anything that you want to say. Be honest. Be yourself. Yo don't need to imitate speech bu other persons and you don't need to imitate someone. I'll give you a few examples:

Thank you for inviting me on this day.  You're so lucky to have  supportive parents and a grand celebration like this. I hope you can give me one like this on my own debut. I'm just joking. 

I only have one wish for your birthday and that is for you to meet your first boyfriend. I think it's time for a special girl, I mean lady, like you to meet a special someone.

Happy Happy birthday, Criselda.

I still remember the day that we first met.  You asked me the name of our professor in Physics. That time, I realized that I'm in the wrong classroom because I need to be in Marketing class. That is one of the craziest thing in my first semester at school.

I'm lucky that I met you. You are so bright and always willing to help me with my projects.
Please don't change.   I will always be here to support you!  I love you!

Thank you for inviting me.

 Now that you are 18, please be more mindful on the way you dress. You are no longer a child now.  Happy Birthday. Here is my gift for you. I think  you know what's inside. I hope you'll like it.

Be confident in delivering your message. Address it on the debutante and not on the other guests.
Don't mid the number of people around. Imagine that you and your friend are just alone. I think it will help a lot. I know you can deliver a far more better message than the samples above

Debut Sample Speech

Debut speeches are usually given at the end of the celebration. It can serve as closing remarks.
Not all debutantes are comfortable in delivering speeches. Most are shy and do not like to deliver long speeches. The truth is debut speeches don't need to be long. You just need to express what you feel. Usually, debut speech is just a series of thank you messages and appreciation to your special someones. Read on the example below

Thank you for coming tonight on my debut celebration. 
I'm so happy and surprised that my parents organized a party as big as this.  I didn't expect that I will experienced an awesome celebration tonight. Mom, Dad, I love you and thanks for taking care of me for the past 18 years. 

To my friends, I appreciate your presence and heartfelt messages. I hope we can still be together on our next semesters and even after graduation. Thank you for your patience in listening to my problems, helping me on my projects, and advising me on my love life. I promise to be there for you when you need my help. 

Lastly, I would like to thank all the sponsors and those who help in providing the decorations, food, cakes and my lovely debut gown.

Please enjoy the food and the rest of the party. 

You don't need to memorize your speech. A brief outline or idea of what you to say is sufficient planning. However, expect that you are going to deliver a speech in front of several people.
Avoid stuttering, avoid long pauses and don't be nervous. I advise you to speak in any language that you are more comfortable with to avoid nervousness and stuttering.

This is your birthday. This is your day! Just have fun and share the fun while delivering your speech.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Debut Planning

An awesome debut party is achievable by dedicating enough time for planning.
Just like a student, you need to prepare.  Just like a celebrity, you need to rehearse.

Some items that you need to identify before your big day are the following:

1. Date
When do you want to celebrate your debut? On the date of your birthdate? on a weekday? on a weekend? Sunday following your birthday?
Please remember that most students and employees have classes and work on weekdays so they might be uncomfortable in weekday schedule unless they file an absence.

2. Guest List
Who are the people invited? Do you plan to invite all your classmates or just your close friends?
Make sure that you can accommodate all of them.

3. Invitation
Send your invitation early. If you can't send a card, a social media invite is a good substitute.
Post your event on facebook and invite them. Request for a reply so you can have a head count.

Catering or someone at home will cook all the food?  Food should be enough for the confirmed guests. Prepare some extra for unexpected visitors.

Is your home or garden big enough for a debut celebration? Do you have enough space for your 18 roses dance? If you have more budget, rent an event place.
Secure the date with the event place and ask for the management support.

There are dancers or choreographers that are willing to teach you any type of dance for a fee.
However, if you have  friends who can assit you and the cotillion dancers,  don't e shy to ask their help first.

After practicing your dance, practice delivering a speech. What you need to achieve is the confidence and skill to speak in front of too many people.  Deliver a message that you really want to express.

Did I miss something? What else do we need for a perfect debut plan?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Debut Program Flow Sample

Program Flow for Debut 

You can celebrate your debut anyway you want. It is your birthday. It is your party.
There are no hard rule. But I advise you to plan so you and your guests will appreciate the entire party.

Here is sample plan for debut celebration.

Guests arrival/ Registration
Serving of refreshing drinks
Welcoming Speech (From emcee or a parent )
AVP presentation
Grand Entrance
Debutante speech
Dining (games can be organized while some are dining)
Eighteen candles (speeches)
Messages and wishes from family member
Singing of birthday song
Cutting of birthday cake
18 roses or 18 dances
Debutante’s speech
Distribution of Giveaways and Prizes

There are other debut program flow samples out there like the one from Debut Ideas website. Debut program flows are similar to each other because the main activities for debut program are the same: prayer, dining, 18 roses, debutante speech. Again, there's no strict rule for debut celebration as long as you keep yourself and your audience happy.

Here are my other tips for debut program:

1.Reserve food for late comers
   (Kawawa naman kung maubusan, may regalo pa naman atang dala)
2.Assign a person who can assists your guests to their seats.
 (Kailangan may mag-asikaso sa mga taong mahiyain)
3.Always give your guest a reason to stay till the end of your party
  (Iwasan natin ang pagkakaron ng mga bisitang eat-and-run)
4.Huwag kalimutan magpasalamat
 (Chance mo na 'to para magfeeling artista at mag-thank you sa mga sponsor)