Saturday, August 9, 2014

Glam Rock Theme for Debut

Glam Rock Theme for Debut
Theme for Debut: Glam Rock

Glam Rock is also known as glitter rock. Glam rock is a good choice for debut theme or 18th birthday because glam rock attires or costume are widely available. One might no longer need to buy.

By the way, its hard to differentiate glam rock with punk rock.  For me, glam rock is just the same with punk rock but glam rock is less wild and less outrageous. Glam rock is glamorous!

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Going EMO
The simplest style for glam rock are jeans, black shirts and some accessories. Silver and metallic accessories looks good with black outfit. White is also a good combination for black suits and dresses .

For shoes, go for boots!
The easiest trick for a glam rock is putting on eye liner.

If you want more ideas for a glam rock look, you can search for famous artist who wears rock or glam rock like attires like Adam Lambert and Daniel Padilla.

Where to find glam rock accessories?

SM department stores. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings,gloves   They have lots of them at cheap prices.
However, you may find more appropriate items on other stalls.

People are People.  Tried and tested. I bought here a bracelet with spikes at a discounted price.
The bracelet is long enough to be worn as a necklace and even as a belt.

I also bought a pair of black gloves with zipper. The gloves I bought doesn't look like gloves for motorbikes.
It looks like intently tailored for celebration such as debut party.

Tiangge or tyange.  Small stores selling accessories may offer you cool items at a cheap price like bracelets for 50 pesos, dog tag for 50 pesos, belts at around 100 pesos. Before you buy, please note that some tyangge items may not be as durable and they may break easily.   In tiyangge, you may find cool stuffs at a very low price but they might not last long.