Thursday, February 27, 2014

Debut Songs for the Grand Entrance

I enjoyed playing songs from 18 roses songs page. But today, I'm trying to evaluate the best song for grand entrance shared in

Here are the suggestions on the site

  • She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel
  • Journey by Lea Salonga
  • Reflection by Christina Aguilera
  • Out of My League by Stephen Speaks
  • You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker
I tried to played each song and I think its a tie with Reflection by Christina Aguilera and Journey by Lea Salonga. I chose those two because they are livelier compared to the dramatic songs like You Are So Beautiful and She’s Always a Woman.  

Anyway, when choosing the song try to blend it with your own personality and the mood and theme of your event.  If you want other songs, keep on reading in Songs for Debut

Lastly, i think Songs for AVP will also be a good substitute for debut grand entrace songs!
Around 50 songs for 18th birthday are waiting for you in list of songs for debut
You can use different genres of music. I usually find celebratios and dances that combines both traditional and modern music for their dance performances. There's no need to limit yourself in traditioanl waltz songs.

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