Monday, September 8, 2014

Debut Program Flow Sample

Program Flow for Debut 

You can celebrate your debut anyway you want. It is your birthday. It is your party.
There are no hard rule. But I advise you to plan so you and your guests will appreciate the entire party.

Here is sample plan for debut celebration.

Guests arrival/ Registration
Serving of refreshing drinks
Welcoming Speech (From emcee or a parent )
AVP presentation
Grand Entrance
Debutante speech
Dining (games can be organized while some are dining)
Eighteen candles (speeches)
Messages and wishes from family member
Singing of birthday song
Cutting of birthday cake
18 roses or 18 dances
Debutante’s speech
Distribution of Giveaways and Prizes

There are other debut program flow samples out there like the one from Debut Ideas website. Debut program flows are similar to each other because the main activities for debut program are the same: prayer, dining, 18 roses, debutante speech. Again, there's no strict rule for debut celebration as long as you keep yourself and your audience happy.

Here are my other tips for debut program:

1.Reserve food for late comers
   (Kawawa naman kung maubusan, may regalo pa naman atang dala)
2.Assign a person who can assists your guests to their seats.
 (Kailangan may mag-asikaso sa mga taong mahiyain)
3.Always give your guest a reason to stay till the end of your party
  (Iwasan natin ang pagkakaron ng mga bisitang eat-and-run)
4.Huwag kalimutan magpasalamat
 (Chance mo na 'to para magfeeling artista at mag-thank you sa mga sponsor)

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