Thursday, February 27, 2014

Souvenirs for Debut

1. Be Sweet.  Cupcakes and chocolates

2. Decorate your guest's home. Small figurines, small toys

3. Keychains
4. Refrigerator Magnets
5. Bottle Openers

Debut Songs for the Grand Entrance

I enjoyed playing songs from 18 roses songs page. But today, I'm trying to evaluate the best song for grand entrance shared in

Here are the suggestions on the site

  • She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel
  • Journey by Lea Salonga
  • Reflection by Christina Aguilera
  • Out of My League by Stephen Speaks
  • You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker
I tried to played each song and I think its a tie with Reflection by Christina Aguilera and Journey by Lea Salonga. I chose those two because they are livelier compared to the dramatic songs like You Are So Beautiful and She’s Always a Woman.  

Anyway, when choosing the song try to blend it with your own personality and the mood and theme of your event.  If you want other songs, keep on reading in Songs for Debut

Lastly, i think Songs for AVP will also be a good substitute for debut grand entrace songs!
Around 50 songs for 18th birthday are waiting for you in list of songs for debut
You can use different genres of music. I usually find celebratios and dances that combines both traditional and modern music for their dance performances. There's no need to limit yourself in traditioanl waltz songs.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Debut Invitation Suppliers

Actually, you don't need to start from scratch and worry for the designs of your invitation cards.
There are several master designers out there. They will do the work for you! Leverage with their talent!

I'll introduce you to some of them !

Please note that most of them requires a minimum number of prints. Usually 50 or 100 pcs

Paper Artsy



Print Divas

Gift for Debut - Chocolates !

Are you thinking of a nice gift for debut?

Chocolates!  But don't give her ordinary chocolates! Try to search for something special.
Something that she haven't tried before. Give her a chocolate as special as the chocolates from chocolate confections!

I discovered chocolate confections from a megamall event and I like their idea of combinig wine or liquors and chocolates in just one box.

If your acquaintance is not drinking any alcoholic drinks, they also offer other packages.
They also have a pair of religious items and chocolates.

 Chocolates  is also a nice giftaway for birthdays and weddings!

Flipbook: A unique idea to celebrate your debut

Are you a fun of photobooth? Do you want something new and more interesting thing to try on your 18th birthday? Do you want to have an exciting activity for your guest?  Have you heard about Flipbook?

When I was walking in Megamall trade hall, a bunch of people grabbed my attention.
Usually in a bridal and debut fair, people are reading pamphlets and flyers but these people are flipping mini-books!

They are flipping the book so fast one after another.  They flip it like they are looking for something important inside ( a bookmark?, a receipt?, a specific page?, I dont know!) .  But I realized, they are just flipping the book so fast to witness  an animation. 

In Flipbook, your guests can have a chance to have a seven second video clip that can be played via flipping a small book.  Each book will contain 60 pages. The book is as big as a standard business card so it is easy to flip, flip, and flip.

You can play and watch  sample of their creative books on their website  

See how flipbooks work and be amaze. Have fun!!

Please inquire for their updated rates also. The picture I shared is during their promotion on bridal fair in megamall

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cakes for Debut

Fondant cakes ! Chocolate Cakes! Amazing Cakes!

Do you know where to order your cake for your 18th birthday?
When I'm passing Megamall, there's a gathering of businesses that cater wedding and debut.
A big part of them sells cakes. Here are some of the participants:

Cherry Blossoms

Top Cakes

Gervy's Amazing Cakes

Angelyn's Cakes

I'm sure each one of them can make you a great cake for your 18th birthday.

Debut Invitation Ideas

Here are some pointers and suggestions for your debut invitation

Debut invitation serves as the teaser for the event.  At the very least, it should convey the details on what's going to happen and where and when will it happen.

1. Your debut invite should match your theme or motif.  
If your theme is cosplay characters, you may print a lot of famous characters on the invitation.
But I'll tell you a better idea. Put a cape or a mask on your invitation. Dress your invitation according to your theme.

2.Use the right font size. Help your readers. February 14, 2014  is easier to read than February 14, 2014. You get my point?  

3.Print enough invites.  You don't want to have a family member or a friend without an invite so print enough.  Filipinos wanted to be invited and if there's no invitation they  are switching to their "tampo" mode.  Maybe they are thinking "Hmmp, di naman ako invited, wala naman ako invitation, di na ko pupunta".  I believe the act of lending an invitation card is showing an intent that you really wanted the person to be on the event.  When you lend out invitation to a close family member and friends, make sure that you'll also send invitations to your other close family and friends.  Be fair enough.

4.Instruct your guest.  Request your guess to wear formal attire,  prepare a song number, bring the invitation, to come on time Feel like a boss in your invite. Hehehe

5.Include directions to venue.  On this section, it is a wise idea to put a map.  If the venue is hard to locate, include directions. On making the directions, consider both guest who will come via private and public transporation.

6.Make it a ref magnet (Optional)  Invitation sometimes get lost or the dates are forgotten. But sticking the date to a refrigerator will remind your guests of your celebration.

I will create a page for companies in the Philippines that offer designs and printing of invitation cards.
Wait for it. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Games for debut

Fun Games for 18th birthday party

You have lots of guest. Most of them looks tired from a long trip.  Others look shy.
The rest looks bored.  Something needs to be done to liven up the crowd - Games !

Games is a fun way to break the awkward silence and shyness with your guests. If you invited family members, relative, classmates and friends then not all of them knew each other. Games is a fun way to introduce a friend to your cousins. Let them mingle with each other.

What games?

My first suggestion is to have group games. Form a group and play a series of Minute to Win it games.Each group will send a representative to each game.  Teamwork and planning are imporatant. Each group will need to send or reserve the best player for each game.

Sweet Games
Since debut is a celebration for an 18 year old there will be other teenagers around.
If most of the guests are singles then you can organize an activity for  pairs.

Im referring to games like eating an apple where a boy and a girl will help each other to finish eating an apple without using their hands. This games was played over and over again and I won't suggest it. but if you want, I will not stop you.

Anyway doing a slight variation or a different paired game will be more exciting.  How about eating ice cream or cotton candy or cake with lots of ic?

If you go for classic sweet games then I suggest the Paper dance game.  Im sorry I forgot the proper game title. I'm referring to the game where a background music is playing and when the music stop, the pair should stop dancing and step on a piece of paper and newspaper. Their feet should not touch the ground or floor until the music plays again.  Those who fail to do the task will be eliminated. On the succedding rounds, the paper will be folded in the middle.  Paper size will be reduced to half.  At latter rounds,  the boy may need to hug or lift his partner. The last pair who didn't touch the ground or floor is the winner of this game. Sweet isn't it?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flowers for Debut

Flowers everywhere

After reading this article, you only need to remember one word - Dangwa!

Dangwa is  the  perfect place to shop for flowers.  It is a convention party of all flowers.  Ecuadorian roses, tulips, mums, stargazer..they all have it.  It looks like they are already celebrating a party when you get there.  Only the tables and chairs are missing.

Big stalls in dangwa uses refrigerator to preserve the beauty of freshly cut flowers. Some of the flowers were imported. Some were from asian countries like  Thailand but sources can be as far as Holland

I had a chance to visit dangwa during early morning of valentine's day.  We arrived there around 2AM.  It doesn't look like 2AM because all the people there were very lively. No one is asleep.  It's as if every one was overdose with coffee a few hours ago. If I didn’t looked with my phone, I'll think that it is only 8 in the evening.

In Dangwa, you can ask for discounts. Ask more stalls for two reasons. First, each place may offer different flowers.Second, stalls may offer you different price for the same quality of flower. Experienced buyers share that   flower shops in the inner part of the market are generally cheaper.  Don't settle for the first store you see

Ask, Ask, Ask!

There are more items where you need the seller's help.
Ask for instructions on how to handle the flowers after you brought them at home.
Usually, they will tell you to cut the flower's stem diagonally and submerge the stem on water.

Ask for delivery. If you think that you can't carry the flowers safely, ask if they can deliver it to your place. They will charge you additional amount for the delivery. The cost may range to a few hundreds but it is justifiable given the effort and time that they will spend in delivering the goods.
Seek help for good color and flower combinations.  You may know your favorite color and favorite flower but you need to have background colors and flowers. Colors that will blend is what you need.

Lastly, get the seller contact details preferably their calling card  and mobile phone number.

When you have the seller'r  number, you can easily track the delivery status and you may also contact them again for new orders without going to Dangwa.

What needs to be consider for a debut celebration

What needs to be consider for a debut celebration

  • Audience
  • Venue 
  • Food 
  • Cost 
  • Music

Why choose a theme for debut?

Why choose a theme for debut?

  • Here are some reasons 
  • Good pictures
  •  Blend with the venue
  •  More organized event
  • Easy identification
  • more fun
  • glamorous picture taking at photobooth
  • adds excitement
  • and more (eye catching, "marketing")

Debut Party Themes

What are your suggested themes for debut ?

Would  you consider the following?

KPOP Debut theme

KPOP stands for Korean popular musics.  Everybody in the Philippines are aware of the rising popularity of korean music, telenovelas.  Even, Yahoo Philippines, have a section for Korean Wave.
korean  debut theme will be enjoyed by KPOP fans (snsd, psy, sandara fans)

For the venue, you can select a korean restaurant. If korean restaurant is out of the budget, you can choose a non-korean venue but demand for some korean foods or decorations in your venue.
You can also celebrate a Kpop theme at your home.

Why KPOP theme? KPOP is a good choice because some may have readily available KPOP looking suits and dresses. Even if they dont have one, korean dresses are widely available. With KPOP as your theme,  there will no need for fancy or customized costumes.

Why not KPOP theme?
You can't please everybody at the same. I mean there might be some audience who is not fan or irritated by KPOP idea.  You can't expect every Filipino to welcome all Korean culture in an instant, right?

How to have the KPOP look ?
Aside from the dresses and suits for men. You can invest with hairstyles. Korean girls usually have curly or distinct asian hairstyle. Most of the time, they have colored or highlighted hair.

You can use your 18th birthday as opportunity to change the color of your hair. You can also use wig but I suggest don’t wear it the whole day so others may recognize you and be mesmerized with your real beauty.

If you want you can visit a korean beauty salon like Tony & Jackey

An easy way to have the korean feel is to choose black and white as the motif.  
Look at Korean MTVs and  korean boybands .Usually they wear black and white shirts, suits, and pants.Be careful not to look like a domino or dalmatian hahaha. Just kidding.

Debut Invitation Ideas
Send the invites.  Have korean characters.  Address the guest with their names written on Korean characters.

Debut music Idea
Play the music.  Prepare a list of songs related to KPOP and birthday celebrations.
Here are some suggestions.

Do the Gangnam style.  Gangnam style is a popular dance craze from . It may not be popular now but you can search for similar KPOP songs to play.  Why not project a korean MTV?

Debut Food Ideas
Dial BonChon or korean restaurant. I prefer korean restaurant foods.
You can order Bibimbap, Kimchi, Bulgogi and more...

Popular Movie

Set a movie as your theme

Did you hit the like button for Hunger Games?Another idea for your debut theme is your favorite movie or a recent blockbuster movie.  Hunger games showcase tantalizing gowns and evening dresses.  One doesn’t want to wear flaming dresses but everybody will want to wear  as elegant with actress's dress on her 18th birthday.  

Debut Invitation Idea
For invitation, you can use old scrolls similar with the ones used in the movie as design.

Debut Souvenir Idea
There might be no mockingjays on the Philippines but you can have walking and flying pigeons or  doves on your venue.  Better yet find an event center who takes care pigeon. Let your guests feed them.

For souvenir, you can let your guest have  mockingjay pins.

 Hello Kitty Party  Debut Theme

 Hello kitty is for kids but no one will argue with you if you still love them when you are 18 years old or older.  It is a highly collectible item.  I think you have a friend with a collection or watch someone who was featured on a TV show for filling his whole room with hello kitty stuffs.

Trying to achieve a Hello Kitty appeal is easily achievable by choosing the right colors.  The trick is to set pink and white as the motif.  Cover the stage,  every tables and chairs with pink and white curtains and cloths and you'll have the hello kitty feel. Be sure to get the right shade of pink!

18 Treasure Ideas
If you want, you can also inform your friends and guests that you accept any  gift but you'll appreciate more if you can have hello kitty stuffs on your 18 treasures or 18 gifts.

For every theme, make sure you'll have a matching song. You can browse to around 50 different debut songs on Songs for Debut page

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Debut Theme Ideas

Now that you are turning 18 and you have forced (i mean convinced) your mom and dad for a mega celebration, I think you are now excited to search for your theme.

Here are my first 5 suggestions.

Inspect your closet for Sandara-looking clothes!

Did you buy masks on the last maskara festival in Bacolod? Its time to use it again.

Do you want your childhood dreams to come into life? This is your chance to show your wings.
You can also set Tinkerbell of Peter Pan as one of your inspirations

4.Pool Party
Everything about swimming pools, beach party, and summer!

5.Prince and Princess
This is somewhat easier to prepare unless you plan to have a castle.

Have fun  planning for a magnificent debut celebration !