Sunday, September 14, 2014

Message for a friend for 18th birthday

Its so uncomfortable when someone ask you to deliver a speech at times that you are not prepared.
I had a bad experience before. I'm still alive after the speech but I wish I prepared more.
That time, I wasn't invited on  a debut but lets talk about 18th birthday celebration speeches now.

What message can I give to my friend on her debut?

The short answer is anything that you want to say. Be honest. Be yourself. Yo don't need to imitate speech bu other persons and you don't need to imitate someone. I'll give you a few examples:

Thank you for inviting me on this day.  You're so lucky to have  supportive parents and a grand celebration like this. I hope you can give me one like this on my own debut. I'm just joking. 

I only have one wish for your birthday and that is for you to meet your first boyfriend. I think it's time for a special girl, I mean lady, like you to meet a special someone.

Happy Happy birthday, Criselda.

I still remember the day that we first met.  You asked me the name of our professor in Physics. That time, I realized that I'm in the wrong classroom because I need to be in Marketing class. That is one of the craziest thing in my first semester at school.

I'm lucky that I met you. You are so bright and always willing to help me with my projects.
Please don't change.   I will always be here to support you!  I love you!

Thank you for inviting me.

 Now that you are 18, please be more mindful on the way you dress. You are no longer a child now.  Happy Birthday. Here is my gift for you. I think  you know what's inside. I hope you'll like it.

Be confident in delivering your message. Address it on the debutante and not on the other guests.
Don't mid the number of people around. Imagine that you and your friend are just alone. I think it will help a lot. I know you can deliver a far more better message than the samples above

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