Sunday, February 16, 2014

Games for debut

Fun Games for 18th birthday party

You have lots of guest. Most of them looks tired from a long trip.  Others look shy.
The rest looks bored.  Something needs to be done to liven up the crowd - Games !

Games is a fun way to break the awkward silence and shyness with your guests. If you invited family members, relative, classmates and friends then not all of them knew each other. Games is a fun way to introduce a friend to your cousins. Let them mingle with each other.

What games?

My first suggestion is to have group games. Form a group and play a series of Minute to Win it games.Each group will send a representative to each game.  Teamwork and planning are imporatant. Each group will need to send or reserve the best player for each game.

Sweet Games
Since debut is a celebration for an 18 year old there will be other teenagers around.
If most of the guests are singles then you can organize an activity for  pairs.

Im referring to games like eating an apple where a boy and a girl will help each other to finish eating an apple without using their hands. This games was played over and over again and I won't suggest it. but if you want, I will not stop you.

Anyway doing a slight variation or a different paired game will be more exciting.  How about eating ice cream or cotton candy or cake with lots of ic?

If you go for classic sweet games then I suggest the Paper dance game.  Im sorry I forgot the proper game title. I'm referring to the game where a background music is playing and when the music stop, the pair should stop dancing and step on a piece of paper and newspaper. Their feet should not touch the ground or floor until the music plays again.  Those who fail to do the task will be eliminated. On the succedding rounds, the paper will be folded in the middle.  Paper size will be reduced to half.  At latter rounds,  the boy may need to hug or lift his partner. The last pair who didn't touch the ground or floor is the winner of this game. Sweet isn't it?

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