Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flipbook: A unique idea to celebrate your debut

Are you a fun of photobooth? Do you want something new and more interesting thing to try on your 18th birthday? Do you want to have an exciting activity for your guest?  Have you heard about Flipbook?

When I was walking in Megamall trade hall, a bunch of people grabbed my attention.
Usually in a bridal and debut fair, people are reading pamphlets and flyers but these people are flipping mini-books!

They are flipping the book so fast one after another.  They flip it like they are looking for something important inside ( a bookmark?, a receipt?, a specific page?, I dont know!) .  But I realized, they are just flipping the book so fast to witness  an animation. 

In Flipbook, your guests can have a chance to have a seven second video clip that can be played via flipping a small book.  Each book will contain 60 pages. The book is as big as a standard business card so it is easy to flip, flip, and flip.

You can play and watch  sample of their creative books on their website  

See how flipbooks work and be amaze. Have fun!!

Please inquire for their updated rates also. The picture I shared is during their promotion on bridal fair in megamall

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