Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flowers for Debut

Flowers everywhere

After reading this article, you only need to remember one word - Dangwa!

Dangwa is  the  perfect place to shop for flowers.  It is a convention party of all flowers.  Ecuadorian roses, tulips, mums, stargazer..they all have it.  It looks like they are already celebrating a party when you get there.  Only the tables and chairs are missing.

Big stalls in dangwa uses refrigerator to preserve the beauty of freshly cut flowers. Some of the flowers were imported. Some were from asian countries like  Thailand but sources can be as far as Holland

I had a chance to visit dangwa during early morning of valentine's day.  We arrived there around 2AM.  It doesn't look like 2AM because all the people there were very lively. No one is asleep.  It's as if every one was overdose with coffee a few hours ago. If I didn’t looked with my phone, I'll think that it is only 8 in the evening.

In Dangwa, you can ask for discounts. Ask more stalls for two reasons. First, each place may offer different flowers.Second, stalls may offer you different price for the same quality of flower. Experienced buyers share that   flower shops in the inner part of the market are generally cheaper.  Don't settle for the first store you see

Ask, Ask, Ask!

There are more items where you need the seller's help.
Ask for instructions on how to handle the flowers after you brought them at home.
Usually, they will tell you to cut the flower's stem diagonally and submerge the stem on water.

Ask for delivery. If you think that you can't carry the flowers safely, ask if they can deliver it to your place. They will charge you additional amount for the delivery. The cost may range to a few hundreds but it is justifiable given the effort and time that they will spend in delivering the goods.
Seek help for good color and flower combinations.  You may know your favorite color and favorite flower but you need to have background colors and flowers. Colors that will blend is what you need.

Lastly, get the seller contact details preferably their calling card  and mobile phone number.

When you have the seller'r  number, you can easily track the delivery status and you may also contact them again for new orders without going to Dangwa.

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