Saturday, February 15, 2014

Debut Party Themes

What are your suggested themes for debut ?

Would  you consider the following?

KPOP Debut theme

KPOP stands for Korean popular musics.  Everybody in the Philippines are aware of the rising popularity of korean music, telenovelas.  Even, Yahoo Philippines, have a section for Korean Wave.
korean  debut theme will be enjoyed by KPOP fans (snsd, psy, sandara fans)

For the venue, you can select a korean restaurant. If korean restaurant is out of the budget, you can choose a non-korean venue but demand for some korean foods or decorations in your venue.
You can also celebrate a Kpop theme at your home.

Why KPOP theme? KPOP is a good choice because some may have readily available KPOP looking suits and dresses. Even if they dont have one, korean dresses are widely available. With KPOP as your theme,  there will no need for fancy or customized costumes.

Why not KPOP theme?
You can't please everybody at the same. I mean there might be some audience who is not fan or irritated by KPOP idea.  You can't expect every Filipino to welcome all Korean culture in an instant, right?

How to have the KPOP look ?
Aside from the dresses and suits for men. You can invest with hairstyles. Korean girls usually have curly or distinct asian hairstyle. Most of the time, they have colored or highlighted hair.

You can use your 18th birthday as opportunity to change the color of your hair. You can also use wig but I suggest don’t wear it the whole day so others may recognize you and be mesmerized with your real beauty.

If you want you can visit a korean beauty salon like Tony & Jackey

An easy way to have the korean feel is to choose black and white as the motif.  
Look at Korean MTVs and  korean boybands .Usually they wear black and white shirts, suits, and pants.Be careful not to look like a domino or dalmatian hahaha. Just kidding.

Debut Invitation Ideas
Send the invites.  Have korean characters.  Address the guest with their names written on Korean characters.

Debut music Idea
Play the music.  Prepare a list of songs related to KPOP and birthday celebrations.
Here are some suggestions.

Do the Gangnam style.  Gangnam style is a popular dance craze from . It may not be popular now but you can search for similar KPOP songs to play.  Why not project a korean MTV?

Debut Food Ideas
Dial BonChon or korean restaurant. I prefer korean restaurant foods.
You can order Bibimbap, Kimchi, Bulgogi and more...

Popular Movie

Set a movie as your theme

Did you hit the like button for Hunger Games?Another idea for your debut theme is your favorite movie or a recent blockbuster movie.  Hunger games showcase tantalizing gowns and evening dresses.  One doesn’t want to wear flaming dresses but everybody will want to wear  as elegant with actress's dress on her 18th birthday.  

Debut Invitation Idea
For invitation, you can use old scrolls similar with the ones used in the movie as design.

Debut Souvenir Idea
There might be no mockingjays on the Philippines but you can have walking and flying pigeons or  doves on your venue.  Better yet find an event center who takes care pigeon. Let your guests feed them.

For souvenir, you can let your guest have  mockingjay pins.

 Hello Kitty Party  Debut Theme

 Hello kitty is for kids but no one will argue with you if you still love them when you are 18 years old or older.  It is a highly collectible item.  I think you have a friend with a collection or watch someone who was featured on a TV show for filling his whole room with hello kitty stuffs.

Trying to achieve a Hello Kitty appeal is easily achievable by choosing the right colors.  The trick is to set pink and white as the motif.  Cover the stage,  every tables and chairs with pink and white curtains and cloths and you'll have the hello kitty feel. Be sure to get the right shade of pink!

18 Treasure Ideas
If you want, you can also inform your friends and guests that you accept any  gift but you'll appreciate more if you can have hello kitty stuffs on your 18 treasures or 18 gifts.

For every theme, make sure you'll have a matching song. You can browse to around 50 different debut songs on Songs for Debut page


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  2. Looks like a KPOP debut party theme's perfect for my cousins birthday party for the next 2 months. :)

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  4. This was quite the selection. Just an add in, why not go outdoorsy and have a outdoor debut motif for your party. The setting would be being one with mother nature while embracing your shift to womanhood.

  5. Debut Ideas? this is what I'm looking for, thanks for sharing :)