Monday, February 24, 2014

Debut Invitation Ideas

Here are some pointers and suggestions for your debut invitation

Debut invitation serves as the teaser for the event.  At the very least, it should convey the details on what's going to happen and where and when will it happen.

1. Your debut invite should match your theme or motif.  
If your theme is cosplay characters, you may print a lot of famous characters on the invitation.
But I'll tell you a better idea. Put a cape or a mask on your invitation. Dress your invitation according to your theme.

2.Use the right font size. Help your readers. February 14, 2014  is easier to read than February 14, 2014. You get my point?  

3.Print enough invites.  You don't want to have a family member or a friend without an invite so print enough.  Filipinos wanted to be invited and if there's no invitation they  are switching to their "tampo" mode.  Maybe they are thinking "Hmmp, di naman ako invited, wala naman ako invitation, di na ko pupunta".  I believe the act of lending an invitation card is showing an intent that you really wanted the person to be on the event.  When you lend out invitation to a close family member and friends, make sure that you'll also send invitations to your other close family and friends.  Be fair enough.

4.Instruct your guest.  Request your guess to wear formal attire,  prepare a song number, bring the invitation, to come on time Feel like a boss in your invite. Hehehe

5.Include directions to venue.  On this section, it is a wise idea to put a map.  If the venue is hard to locate, include directions. On making the directions, consider both guest who will come via private and public transporation.

6.Make it a ref magnet (Optional)  Invitation sometimes get lost or the dates are forgotten. But sticking the date to a refrigerator will remind your guests of your celebration.

I will create a page for companies in the Philippines that offer designs and printing of invitation cards.
Wait for it. 

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