Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Venue for debut: Suncrest

Suncrest Resort

Privacy is important for celebrations like debut. However, we don't want to travel far away and get lost in the city or province. And we also don't want to allot too much time in assisting every guest during the celebration on how to get to the venue.

I found a resort in Batangas which is perfect  for 18 birthday celebration venue. It is just around 5 mins away from Taal Basilica. The resort name? Suncrest.

Suncrest has a swimming pool for kids and adults. You can rent each of their gazebos at 500 pesos.
You can rent the wholeplace for 20, 000 pesos. This includes the use of swimming pool and function hall. Imagine having your party beside the pool. Nice isn't? Suncrest is good for a pool party debut theme.

To read a review of this resort visit http://bestresortsbatangas.blogspot.com/2014/05/suncrest-resort-with-swimming-pool-in.html

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