Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quinceanera chambelanes suits: What to buy?

Chambalane suits

Chambelanes are the males escorts on Quinceanera parties. One of their common attire is the suit.
Debut escorts and Sweet 16 escorts will also looks good on suits.

Tips for the Boys
I have few tips on buying your chambelane suit

1. When there's a theme, go with the theme.

2. Be mindful of your partner's dress and match it. What is the color? What is the design? What is the cloth?  Wearing the same color is not a must but you have to complement or blend with it.  You'll be nicer to look when you're near each other.
Once you satisfy the number 1 tip above, its not hard to complement your partner's dress or gown.

3. My third advice is applicable for every clothing that you will buy. Be wise. Go for something that you can use over and over again on different occasions.  Any suit that will only wear once is expensive for me.  (Sometimes, its better to rent if you just wear it once)

4.Wear something that you're comfortable it. Try your suit and walk around.
ts possible that you'll have a dance on Quinceanera so test your suit. It might be lousy, too small or  too big for you.

5. Wear it elegantly. Don't slouch. Act like a model with your best suit.

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