Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Debut Themes

Imagine that you have the budget, money is not an issue. Girl, what will you do to have the happiest debut celebration?

For me, I'll arrange a party along the beach or beside the pool. I'll organize a beach party or a swimming pool party.  I'll think a pool party is easier to manage

Swimming Pool Party
Attire:I'll inform the guests beforehand to bring swimming attire if they want to swim and participate with my games.

Games: Of course, I'll have the games in the pool. There will be a hunt for prizes at the bottom of the pull. Or we can play the traditional bring games but all the items should come from the pool.  Items maybe floating or hidden at the bottom.

Drinks: Drinks will be served but will be moderated since I don't want unexpected events

Venue: The place will be decorated with shells, starfish, beach volleyball and other 'summer things'
             I'll have baloons floating on the swimming pool.

Foods: I'll go with roasted pork or chickens and barbecue! Perfect after swimming!

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