Thursday, May 15, 2014

Best Debut Gifts

Nothing will beat a gift that comes from the heart.  Sometimes, your attendance is the best gift for debut that the celebrant will appreciate. But if there's something that can remind her of you and represent your love, material gifts are the best option.

1.Photo and Video compilation. If you have the talent, you can create a photo album or a video for her. The video may contain various messages from you and your friends, birthday wishes. It may also include your best and worst moments together. You can also show hundreds of throwback Thursday photos.

2.Travel deal or travel tickets. You want to create more memorable experiences with her? Invite her to travel and have a vacation.  Invite her to a beach or to a resort

3. 'Personal' gifts or personalized gifts. Make something special for her or customized/personalized your gift.  Create that unique gift that she can't buy in any stores.

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