Saturday, September 13, 2014

Debut Planning

An awesome debut party is achievable by dedicating enough time for planning.
Just like a student, you need to prepare.  Just like a celebrity, you need to rehearse.

Some items that you need to identify before your big day are the following:

1. Date
When do you want to celebrate your debut? On the date of your birthdate? on a weekday? on a weekend? Sunday following your birthday?
Please remember that most students and employees have classes and work on weekdays so they might be uncomfortable in weekday schedule unless they file an absence.

2. Guest List
Who are the people invited? Do you plan to invite all your classmates or just your close friends?
Make sure that you can accommodate all of them.

3. Invitation
Send your invitation early. If you can't send a card, a social media invite is a good substitute.
Post your event on facebook and invite them. Request for a reply so you can have a head count.

Catering or someone at home will cook all the food?  Food should be enough for the confirmed guests. Prepare some extra for unexpected visitors.

Is your home or garden big enough for a debut celebration? Do you have enough space for your 18 roses dance? If you have more budget, rent an event place.
Secure the date with the event place and ask for the management support.

There are dancers or choreographers that are willing to teach you any type of dance for a fee.
However, if you have  friends who can assit you and the cotillion dancers,  don't e shy to ask their help first.

After practicing your dance, practice delivering a speech. What you need to achieve is the confidence and skill to speak in front of too many people.  Deliver a message that you really want to express.

Did I miss something? What else do we need for a perfect debut plan?

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