Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Message for Debut Celebrant

A good debut message will come from the heart and not from the internet. But short articles may help you express your feelings.

By the way, the correct word to use to describe the birthday girl is the celebrator and NOT celebrant.
Celebrant is defined as one who performs religious rites like a priest. It's not unusual to hear celebrant but its safer to use celebrator. If you don't feel comfortable using celebrant or celebrator, call her birthday girl.

Think of what you really want to say.  
Do you want her to laugh? Use some knock knock jokes or nice pickup lines.
Do you want her to be inspired? You can add inspirational quotes
Do you want to reveal her secrets or trivias about her ?
Do you want to add some wish for the birthday girl?
Most message about birthdays will tell about success. This might mean happiness, money, money or more money, spiritual enlightenment, good health, more birthdays, more friends, happy family, high grades or a boyfriend. You can share your wish for some of the things I shared above

Be Honest. You know you that you need to be

Don't be Shy. If you're the birthday celebrant, you also want to hear a message from your family and friends.  No one will bite you. Nothing bad will happen if you stand up and speak up.She is special to you, remember?

Make the message long enough.  I experienced giving a message to a long time friend. All I said was 'We've been together for so very long. I will miss you'. Now, I feel that my message is too short. It sounded that my short statement contradicts our long journey together. Avoid making the mistake that I did. Make your message long enough. It doesn't need to be a 2 hour speech though haha.

Express your support. You know this.. This is the time when you say .. I will always be here for you

Smile, Kiss or Hug the celebrant.  Actions can speak better than words

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