Monday, June 9, 2014

Debut Gift Ideas

Is it good to give cash on 18th birthday? What do you think is a good gift for debut? How about the best gift give for debut that you received?

For me, its not OK to give cash for 18th birthday. Cash is more reasonable to give on other occasions like wedding because couple needs money to start with their married life. Nowadays, its common that couples appreciate cash gifts more and they usually state that on their invitation with a creative quote.
But you should believe that a gift is worth giving,
an envelope for our future is a delightful blessing

That's a part of a message of my recently received wedding invitation. Quotes like this are unusual for debut celebrations.The closest thing similar to cash  that I feel comfortable to give are cash coupons that can be exchange for items or services on selected malls or restaurants.

For debut,  aside form cash coupons, you can  also give wrapped gifts like dress, bags, gadgets, and women's accessories. Powerbanks, monopod, external hard drives are some useful gadgets that every girl will likely to appreciate.

If you are low on budget but you have lots of time in preparing a surprise, making a scrapbook full of your photos together is a good alternative.   You can also make a video presentation and gather written and video messages from your close friends and classmates in High school and college.

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