Monday, November 23, 2015

18 Ideas to Earn on Debut Events

Debut is like other birthday celebrations. It needs suppliers and present opportunities to earn.
Below are some ways to earn extra cash on 18th birthday celebrations:

1.  Venue Rental - An ancestral house, a garden in your house, or your house with a swimming pool can be marketed to be a venue for special occasions like debut. Make sure to allot parking lot spaces and offer security with the guests.

2. Photograper/Videographer - If you have camera and above average talent on taking videos and photos, you can try to be a photographer or videographer. You can charge on per hour basis.

3. Gowns for Debut for rent/sale -  Do you own lots of gown at home hidden in your closets ?  You might have pretty gowns that you only wear once. Take them out and advertise it with others. Your old debut gown or  JS prom dresses might be the the same dream gown of other birthday girls. Sell or offer them for rent.

4. Giveaway/Souvenir Items - There's so many items that you can offer as souvenir in debut events.
 Cake Jars, Eiffel Tower bottle opener, Flip flop bottle openers, Rose petal soaps are just some of the items I found in OLX as souvenir items. You can find or create your own souvenir and sell them too.

5. Event Planner/Coordinator - Organizing a debut can be a big stress for a girl or the family. If you know most or everthing about managing a debut event and can organize according to the wants and needs of the birthday girl, then you right  to offer your services.

6. Birthday Cakes - Got the talent in baking? Or do you know someone who can bake good cakes?
    Find that talent or find that baker and sell cakes to 18th birthday celebrants.

7. Emcee / Host- If you dont have the capital to purchase equipments like expensive cameras, you can concentrate on master the skills of hosting an event.

8. Sound and Lights -  Some families want the best celebration for once in a lifetime event like debut.  They can invest for impressive sound and lighting system and pay them at competitive price.

9. Violin/Piano/Guitar - Again, if you don't have big equipments like big, expensive, and powerful speakers and adorable lighting systems, but you are gifted with a talent in playing instrument then you can offer to perform on debut events. You can negotiate the price with your customers.

10. Singer - Similar with number 9 but this time your voice is your capital.

11. Photobooth - Just like on other events like wedding, children's party and corporate celebrations,  18th birthday is also a good market for photobooth business

12.Invitations - Got the talent for designing invitations?  Not all are relying to simple Facebook event invites. Printed invitations is still viewed as a more polite way of inviting family members and friends, so ready the ink and print for them.

Why did I stop on 12? I believe there are more ideas out there to try.

13. Dancers
14. Dance Instructor
15. Shoes
16. Make up artists
17. Hair stylists
18. Flowers


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